Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. . .

Meet lib journalist-activist, Lauren Windsor, who has made a name for herself of late going undercover at conservative events and getting interviews with Republican politicians.

Well, here she is at the NRA convention in Houston, bragging about how she was able to get past security at the conference while former President Donald Trump was speaking.

Windsor tweeted, “Ted Cruz wants every school in America to operate w/ a single point of entry every day. Well, the @NRA & Secret Service couldn’t do it for *one* afternoon to protect Trump. A friend and I walked in an unlocked side door — no screening — past an officer and into reserved seating.”

She later bragged about getting contacted by the Secret Service:

“UPDATE: I just got a call from US Secret Service and have an upcoming rendezvous with them this week re my Ted Cruz tweet pic from inside the NRA forum… stay tuned 👀.”

Um, does she think they want to give her a cookie for getting past their security?

Ken White (@PopeHat), a former federal prosecutor, explains why maybe she should have second thoughts about meeting with these guys. THREAD ==>

She is NOT taking his free advice, however. “Keep your advice to yoursel, a**hat,” she tweeted:

“Maybe @Popehat should reach out and ask me before issuing condescending threads that speculate on my thinking. I have an attorney, and this isn’t my first rodeo. I acted within the bounds of the law. Keep your advice to yourself, a**hat.”

Like we said at the beginning of this post, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”


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