As Twitchy readers know, comedian Dean Obeidallah tried making his case against there being an actual constitutional right to own a gun in a piece he wrote for MSNBC. Yeah, it was really stupid, and we had a lot of fun mocking him for it.

Just like a bunch of other people on Twitter, like The Red-Headed Libertarian.

Welp, for whatever reason, three-time Democratic loser Pam Keith decided Dean’s argument was a good one (or she just wanted a chance to yell at TRHL), and she came out ‘swinging.’ Notice her use of curse words and caps, she was REAL mad.

Roe ‘breathed life’ into constitutional rights … really Pam? REALLY?

We don’t even know where to begin with the logistics of how wrong she is about the second, let alone her bizarre and quite frankly gross claim about Roe.

She continued.

Oh, so she thinks Roe protects and defines AUTONOMY … but that autonomy doesn’t apply to the second.

Or something.

Yeah, this was really really dumb. She’s giving Dean a run for his money.



Opposite world.

Wrong about everything all of the time world.

Crazy leftist world.

Something like that.

We did too.


Not just once.

Not just twice.

Three times.

No wonder she’s so fussy.



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