We’ve sort of become experts on pride flags here, thanks in part to the tuition of woke teachers who post TikTok videos showing the flag collages in their classroom, and in part to tweets like the one showing all of the different flags associated with being asexual for International Asexual Day. Did you know there are different flags for different types of asexuals, like quoisexuals, caedsexuals, and fraysexuals? Everybody gets a flag!

It all started with the rainbow pride flag, but that was updated to what is called the “progress pride flag,” which added stripes to represent transexuals and also black and brown people, and a circle on a yellow field to represent intersex people:

This flag from 2020 left out intersex people but did include a red umbrella for sex workers:

We don’t know who does social media for the Brooklyn Nets, but we’ve got to say, we’re flummoxed.

It’s nice to see the original rainbow colors still given space. We’d dare any player on the Brooklyn Nets to identify four of those flags.


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