Overdue for a look at the scene through charts and graphs. No particular main theme, so here goes.

Let’s start with energy and inflation though. Seen yesterday in the LA area:

Natural gas prices are up sharply too, though not as bad as Russia-dependent Europe:

Australia’s electricity trends don’t look any better than ours:

Meanwhile, aren’t you glad we’re able to produce lots of cheap ethanol to supplement our oil imports? Oh, wait:

One of Stan Evans’s mock organizations was a pro-arms race group whose motto was, “Since we have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the world 25-times over, a few more won’t hurt.” Well:

Let’s look at race and racism. This first chart, from Pew, reminds us inversely that it is white liberals who are most obsessed with racism in America:

New item: Biden Administration sues to reimpose mask mandates. Americans:

Maybe this has something to do with it:

This kind of thing helps explain the previous chart:

Why the proposed cancelation of student loan debt is regressive:

I did not know this:

The nation’s fiscal situation isn’t getting any better:

Strap in for more wild days on the stock market:

News you can use:

News you can’t really use, but fun to know:

I think Republicans are eager to vote this year:

Chaser—gee, I wonder why classified leaks went up so much after 2016:

And finally. . .

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