Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube explained to Tucker Carlson last night how the Democrats wish list of gun-related bans would actually make many guns useless:

During a House committee hearing, Rep. Steube used some of his own guns to show other members of Congress what many of these proposed bans would actually accomplish (intentionally, according to Steube):

Rep. Eric Swalwell didn’t like that demonstration one bit:

Simply showing what many Democrats want to ban is a “danger to our kids”? Swalwell and many other Democrats would rather everybody blindly complies without understanding exactly what they’re trying to do.

You can always tell whose life is considered more valuable by observing which people “deserve” armed security vs. those who don’t.

And the guns were being safely handled, but apparently Swalwell and the Dems didn’t want any demonstrations of “gun safety” at their gun safety hearing.

It’s impossible to have an honest debate with people who will accuse you of being no better than the person who pulled the trigger in a mass shooting if you don’t automatically agree with them in full.



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