Once a bigot, always a bigot, right Ilhan?

Not sure why Ilhan Omar thought it was ok to disrespect Christians by taking the Lord’s name in vain in a tweet accusing Republicans of taking NRA blood money but here we are. Can you imagine if someone had taken Allah’s name in vain?

It would be every headline on every left-wing rag and they’d be calling on them to RESIGN.

She really is horrible.

And here’s the point they keep deliberately missing. Sure, it’s fun to focus on raccoons and mock this legislator for talking about the AR-15 in this way, but it’s about predators. Ultimately it’s none of their business why someone wants or needs an AR-15, but anyone who has lived on a ranch or farm or out in the middle of NOWHERE gets it.

Ilhan and the other Democrats mocking him for this? Not so much.

Oh, and c’mon, if Ilhan wants to talk about blood money, let’s do Planned Parenthood next.

Ain’t it?

Incredibly ungrateful asshat.

That’s her.

There is no excuse for Ilhan.

Pretty simple.

This. Right here. ^



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