Funny how you can word questions on a poll to get JUST the right answers for your narrative …

Yeah, we know, this looks terrible. Almost HALF of all Republicans shrugged their shoulders over mass shootings saying, ‘Eh, it’s part of living in a free society.’ You know CBS Face The Nation’s Margaret Brennan LOVED pushing this one, right?

And we get it, most polls are just garbage news orgs, politicians, etc. use to pretend people agree with them but this was pretty damn shameless.

Yikes, right?

When you look at the actual poll (and thank you to the many, many people who went out and found it for us) you see all sorts of questions that seem pretty lowkey. But this one question is LITERALLY worded in a way where basically you either say you accept mass shootings in a free society OR support gun control.

C’mon you guys, really?

Look at this.

Only 28% of those responding actually said this. They must have calculated the number of Republicans (which we all know is WAY WAY WAY lower than the Democrats they polled) to come up with 44%! And then pretending they represent all Republicans?

C’mon you guys.

Oh, and something else interesting … they left this part out.

Wonder why:

The majority FAVOR arming teachers and school officials.

The majority FAVOR having armed guards or police in school.

The majority FAVOR practicing active shooter drills.

In other words, the majority supports securing our schools.

CBS could have at least TRIED to hide their bias, just a little.

Oh, and they got exactly what they wanted. Look at these responses:

Yeah, of course, Wajahat is using it.

Again, dirty pool, CBS. We see you.



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