Hillary Clinton should probably STFU about sedition, just sayin’.

And we thought Brian Stelter whining about Fox News not airing the January 6 Committee circus was pathetic and annoying. Hill-dawg outdid our favorite tater:

Hoo boy.

She thought this was a good tweet.

Or whoever writes her crappy tweets thought it was a good tweet. We like to think she’s sitting on Twitter, shaking her mean old lady fist, reading the people making fun of her.

If she’s not reading her replies, she’s missing some clever stuff:

Perhaps her most famous (infamous) moment.

What did that poor mirror ever do to you?


That’s what they don’t seem to understand, Americans are way more concerned about the price of milk than they are about a bunch of politicians treating Americans like criminals and punishing them for actually protesting. This is about giving Democrats something to run on in November.

And Liz Cheney is helping them.




Right? For being people who supposedly dislike Fox News, she and other harpies like her are certainly obsessed with them.



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