Yesterday, we discussed the January 6 committee’s brilliant hiring of ABC News vet James Goldston to turn the proceedings into the primetime television event of the season.

Just in case it weren’t already pretty obvious that these hearings are little more than a showcase for the committee members to bloviate and pontificate (and maybe generate some clips to use in their CNN/MSNBC audition tapes), check out this New York Times piece:

The January 6 committee is clearly hoping that tons of people will tune into this spectacle. And the New York Times is clearly hoping that the committee will make the most of of the extra attention:

Ah so.

That framing … is maybe a little too transparent. Even for some lefties’ liking:

Maybe it would make you unhappy, David, but we highly doubt that the January 6 committee members mind all that much. They’ve been pretty open about these hearings being used as a political cudgel. The New York Times is just giving them their seal of approval.

Meh. They’ll get over it. They had to know that tons of us have seen through it since the beginning, anyway.

That’s all it ever was. And the MSM want in on it, too.

They really are.

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