Chesa Boudin and his predecessor George Gascón have been a two-man jurisprudential wrecking crew in the city of San Francisco. Both are George Soros toadies. Gascón moved to Los Angeles to ruin that county. Now he’s under threat of recall because he has done exactly what he set out to do. Tuesday is Boudin’s turn in the docks, and Gascón endorsed Boudin in the recall campaign.

Now that’s being damned with faint praise.

Local polls show that the Boudin recall will pass and Boudin will be kicked out of the office he was elected to in 2019, but Tuesday is Election Day when actual voters (we think) will turn in real poll results.

As you probably know by now, Boudin is the sire of two Weather Underground terror cell members who were sent up the river, as they used to say, for driving the getaway car in a 1981 Brinks Truck robbery for their buddies in the Black Liberation Army. They planned to use the money to fund their terrorist activities. This old-timey combo is reminiscent of the Antifa and BLM partnership of today.

Boudin’s dad is still locked up, while his mom served two decades in the slammer. Though they didn’t physically kill the police officers and Brinks guard that day, they aided and abetted the murders during the commission of another felony.

That day, his parents left the 14-month-old Chesa in the care of a babysitter. When they went to prison they made sure that their son would be brought up in the far-left way to which he was accustomed. So they placed him with their good friends and fellow terrorists, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers — friends of Barack Obama.

Indeed, their friend, Jessie Jackson, hobbled to San Francisco to endorse Boudin in his recall.

Boudin claims it was his parents’ incarceration that informed his radical views about the law. Of course, his radical views dovetailed nicely with what George Soros had already plotted to do to dismantle American institutions of law and order.

He promised to “decarcerate” the jails. That meant letting people out of jail or not locking them up in the first place. He pushed cash bail so legitimate bad guys would have no problem posting bail while skipping out of a trial which would result in not being jailed anyway. That was the plan.

After the looting, San Franciscans were lectured to dare not call it looting because that was racist. After Walgreens, Louis Vuitton, weed stores, and other businesses were cleaned out multiple times, Boudin reduced the charges against the looters who were miraculously caught.

Now that drug stores have been boarded up and Louis Vuitton has become Lootie Vuitton, there are hot-and-cold-running fentanyl addicts splayed on sidewalks like corpses in a banana-republic morgue, and voters have noticed that things aren’t working out as promised.

Boudin also calls drug dealing a victimless crime.

Indeed, it turns out that people don’t like having to hop over the “code browns” (human feces) that populate the sidewalks, they really don’t like feeling unsafe walking in downtown San Francisco, and they really do need a drug store to get their prescriptions.

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The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Boudin “had zero convictions for dealing fentanyl and only three convictions of any kind for drug dealing vs. more than 90 in 2018 under George Gascón (now Los Angeles County’s district attorney). Instead, according to the San Francisco Standard, 80% of Mr. Boudin’s narcotics convictions were classified as ‘accessory after the fact.’ Why? So dealers wouldn’t be subject to deportation.” The voters aren’t enamored of how that has worked out, either.

When the district attorney doesn’t enforce the laws, voters observed, things get downright lawless.

In December of 2021, Michael Shellenberger, the author of San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities, said that lawlessness starts at the top. He said on Twitter that “In 2019, 40% of all shoplifting reports resulted in arrest; in 2021, only 19% did. San Francisco’s progressive D.A. charged just 46% of theft arrests, a 16 point decline since he took office in 2020, and charged just 35% of petty theft arrests, a 23 point decline from 2 years ago.”

Shellenberger’s name is on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary as well. The former progressive is running for governor as an Independent.

It’s time for San Francisco to stop this experiment in lawlessness. This bunch of crackpots who believe in no objective truth and a life without consequences is getting people hurt.

San Franciscans should send a big message and boot out Chesa Boudin like they did when they recalled the sick and twisted members of the school board not so long ago.

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