Matthew Dowd’s dream of becoming Texas’ next lieutenant governor may have been dashed to teeny-tiny microscopic little bits, but he is nothing if not resilient. And brave. Boy, is he brave. No matter how many times he makes a complete and utter ass of himself, he gets right back up and comes back for more.

Dowd has been a huge fan of President Joe Biden’s body of work, and yesterday, he took to Twitter to defend Biden’s honor by reminding all the haters why they need to cool it with all their whining about inflation. You see, the whining can lead to some things far, far worse than inflation:

If you’re concerned about inflation, you’re paving the way for another Hitler.


When even Chris Cillizza is cringing, you know you’ve gone too far.

Matthew Dowd has actually screwed up a number of places along the way. It’s kinda his thing.

A disturbingly popular one among stupid people, as it turns out:



What a time to be alive.



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