Yesterday we pondered the thesis that radical prosecutor Chesa Boudin was recalled because San Francisco is just too darned conservative, dontchaknow. Today’s bubble-headed leftists are mad at the media, for saying that the recall is a “message to national Democrats.”

Behold New York University law professor Noah Rosenblum:

I’m worried about Rosenblum. He just might stumble on our greatest plot, which is our infiltration of the New York Times with the conspiracy to make liberalism look silly on a daily basis. Rosenblum is about to blow the whole secret operation wide open. (Though I can’t wait to see what Rosenblum thinks a “mainstream left newspaper” would look like, and anyway, isn’t “mainstream left” an oxymoron?)

Or as my pal Professor Josh Dunn remarked, “I can’t believe Twitter is free.”

P.S. I think we’ve found the first law school that might make Chesa Boudin an offer. You know he’s going to end up at some law school.

P.P.S. I love how popular election devices like recalls—an invention of progressive reformers, keep in mind—are always said to be “structurally flawed” when the left loses.

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