Another day, another woman thrown onto the tracks in New York City, this time in the Bronx:

The NYPD has since arrested Theodor Ellis for the crime who reportedly told cops he was “drinking, didn’t mean to push victim.”

He also “has numerous prior arrests dating back to 2006, including raps for aggravated harassment, narcotics, robbery, grand larceny, animal abuse, resisting arrest, obstruction and assault.”

This brings us to HuffPo journo Christopher Mathias, who called out lifelong NYC mom Elisabeth Stineberg who dared — DARED — to suggest she feels unsafe walking around the city she was born in.

Mathias tweeted:

“been in NYC for 13 years & there’s always been tweets like this to dunk on. there is a sustained bulls*it right-wing campaign to depict the city as a crime-ridden hellhole, about to collapse into chaos, and the only solution is….. more policing & disappearing homeless folks.”

This is the exact same thing we just told you about where libs are dunking on Patricia Arquette for worrying about crime in California. What is it with liberal dudes telling women what they *should* be afraid of or not?

It’s not a ruse:

The Nation’s Dave Zirin felt the need to explain things to her as well:

Another dude has entered the chat! The NYT’s Kurt Streeter:

Um, do they think women can’t understand stats? Because they can:

Yes, crime from the pre-Giuliani 90s is down. But here’s the crime spike over the past few years that the dude-brigade is ignoring:

And overall crime is also up year-over-year. From the NYPD:

Overall index crime in New York City increased by 27.8% in May 2022 compared with May 2021 (10,414 v. 8,149). Each of the seven major index crime categories saw increases, driven by a 42.1% increase in grand larceny (4,116 v. 2,897); a 28.3% rise in burglary (1,239 v. 966); and a 26.2% increase in robbery (1,506 v. 1,193).

Here’s Stineberg’s thread which is well worth a read:

I’m a 42 year old born and raised New Yorker. Never in my entire life have I felt the fear, tension, and anxiety I feel living in NYC right now. The city is like a ticking time bomb. Like everytime I step outside my apartment something bad could happen. It’s scary to be here.”

Another NYC mom responded: “It’s the first time in my life that I feel dread rather than relief being here.”

“100%. Like that feeling when you landed at JFK after being somewhere else and you saw the skyline up ahead as you headed home and you were like, god it’s good to be back in the greatest city on earth. I really miss that feeling.”

“YES!!! I know exactly what you mean!”

“😔 Strangers in our own home.”

Anyway, the police are looking for these murderers. Maybe those dude reporters can help put the word out?


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