Boy oh boy, the Left sure is excited over a group of 30 yahoos aka Patriot Front who piled into a U-haul to march and protest in Idaho. Apparently, this was some like totally domestic terrorism and stuff and proof that people on the Right really are enemies of the state, want to destroy democracy, yadda yadda yadda.

Normal people are either pointing and laughing at this group (masks, really you guys?) or believe this is some sort of a set up. And considering what a police officer leaked to the media about the incident, we don’t blame them.

Watch this:



Don’t suppose those informants maybe kinda sorta pushed for something like this? Just thinking out loud …

Small group.

Marching around in masks and khakis.

Sooooooper skeery you guys.

Better behaved than Antifa and need protein powder.




Yeah, we’re not either.

The real issue here is not a bunch of weirdos who think patriots wear masks, it’s that they were charged with conspiring to riot. Meanwhile, none of the Antifa or BLM groups that terrorized communities in 2020 (and even 21, 22) have been arrested and charged for this. Even though they were clearly conspiring to riot.

Hell, there are groups conspiring to riot outside of SCOTUS this week, but you know, 30 dorks in Idaho jumped in a U-haul and wanted to march so THAT’S the real problem.

Things just keep getting dumber and dumber.

Yeah … there’s that too.



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