Need a little pick-me-up story for your Sunday night? It’s been a long week and we sure do.

If so, meet Misha, a non-verbal teen with Down’s Syndrome who fled Ukraine for Amsterdam earlier this year. Misha’s mom, in order to keep him calm during the evacuation, told him that the reason for the trip was to search for John Cena, Misha’s hero.

Well, Cena himself heard the story and flew to Amsterdam to meet Misha and make he mom wasn’t a liar. Have a watch:

Misha’s story was first reported in the Wall Street Journal:

It’s getting a little dusty in here:

In all the suffering of war, for people with such disabilities, the trauma is often magnified. For some, shattered routines stir extreme stress. Those with sensory hypersensitivity find sirens, raised voices and explosions particularly jarring. Physical disabilities make escape harder.

From Mariupol, the family and others who sought refuge in the center called Povir v Sebe, or “Believe in Yourself,” escaped westward across Ukraine, navigating minefields, air raids and the extra difficulties that disabilities can bring. As they moved from town to town, Ms. Rohozhyna calmed Misha by telling him their constant movement had a purpose, which was to track down his hero, U.S. pro wrestler John Cena.

Now, we’ve had our issues with John Cena in the past, but this was a really great thing he did:



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