Back in January, we covered the story of Wild Child Pediatric Center on Long Island, New York. A pair of pediatric nurses at the “holistic” medical center were found to have sold more than ten thousand fake vaccination cards, raking in well over a million dollars in the process. One of the nurses was married to an NYPD cop, making the story even more scandalous. Unfortunately for their customers, the nurses kept immaculate records of everyone they had done business with. I wondered at the time if any interesting names would show up on that list, and while we haven’t heard of any celebrities or high-profile politicians being listed (at least not yet) more than 80 New York City school teachers did. The New York Post spoke to three of the educators this week and they claim that their cards aren’t fake at all. All three said that they received the vaccine at the medical center and were given the immunity passports through the standard process in accordance with the law.

Scores of NYC teachers accused of submitting fake vaccine cards are caught up in a $1.5 million scheme allegedly run by a Long Island pediatric center, The Post has learned.

The 82 teachers claimed they obtained COVID-19 vaccines at Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, which is known for offering holistic and natural remedies.

In a scandal stemming from the vaccine mandates imposed by governments and businesses, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office alleges that two nurses doled out fake vax cards to hundreds of customers, charging adults $220 for each dose marked on the card ($440 for both) and $85 for kids.

Proving that the teachers are lying may prove to be problematic because of the method the clinic used to pull off the scam. They really weren’t issuing “fake” vax cards. The cards were very real and came from the CDC. Also, the clinic was authorized to order and administer the Pfizer vaccine, so they had legitimate lot numbers to enter on the cards. They were also able to enter the patients’ names into the state vaccination database so they would pass inspection when applying for an immunity passport. Reportedly, the nurses did actually vaccinate some people. So unless officials can force the teachers to submit to an antibody test (which sounds illegal), how can you prove they didn’t get the shots?

That doesn’t mean that we can’t apply some common sense to the situation, of course. Many of these teachers were from Manhattan. Because of the teachers’ unions, they have some of the best health care in the country available to them locally. But they expect us to believe that they drove all the way out to Long Island to a holistic pediatric clinic (as adults) to get a vaccination that they had to pay a steep price in cash for?

The three women who spoke to the Post claimed that they were not paying for the vaccination. They were paying for an expensive “detox protocol to offset any adverse reaction to the vaccine.” So you were so worried about the toxic nature of the vaccine that you felt it required a holistic detox regimen, but you took it anyway?

This all just sounds like nonsense. As we discussed when the story first broke, these women are almost certainly part of the more than 3,000 adults and nearly 9,000 children who received illegitimate CDC cards from just this one clinic. And many of those people are in the city’s schools, so the teachers can stop preaching to us about the importance of vaccinating everyone and “keeping the schools safe” or closing them. I’m going to commit the editorial sin of repeating myself here and pose the same question I asked back in January.

“How many of those adults took their fake cards with them to the office when threatened with being fired because of the government vaccine mandates? We already know of some high-profile people who have been caught trying to pull the same scam. These include at least one very famous NFL star who obtained fake cards for himself and his girlfriend. Another report estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of all NFL players have fake cards. Meanwhile, regular people who refuse to break the law but also refuse to comply are losing their jobs or being otherwise discriminated against while all of these “unsafe” fakers are walking around free as birds. So how safe is this genius system of mandates and immunity passports really making us?”

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