We’ve run out of snarky things to say about Rep. Eric Swalwell. He’s gone beyond saying ridiculous things to outright smearing and what feels like even harassment at this point. Of course, Twitter will do nothing about tweets like this since he’s a Democrat, and the media continues to ignore his gross behavior on Twitter …

It’s almost as if he’s just not a good person.

Good people don’t think these sorts of things, let alone write them on Twitter for over a million followers to see.

Does he really think this will help? Like, people who are trying to protect their Second Amendment rights will suddenly go, ‘WHOA, that idgit from California just accused me of siding with shooters … I should totally surrender my rights.’


All this does is score points with other gross people.

Actually, though, one thing we are noticing on his tweets is the number of people calling him an a*shole far outnumber the people who agree with him, so there’s that.

They can.

They just know it’s not politically convenient to do so.

Wonder if one day his kids will grow up and see these tweets … what they’ll think of their dad then.

C’mon now, this is an insult to immoral jackas*es everywhere.

California says it all.


And oddly accurate in many of these shootings.



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