Real News™ networks are breathlessly covering the January 6 committee hearings (they’ll have to stick to just commentary tomorrow, since the hearings have been postponed until at least June 16), and thank God for that. Seriously, they’re doing the Lord’s work over there. Bringing the proceedings to the small percentage of the American public who have literally nothing more important to worry about is vital, because the American public needs to know just how close we came to a full-blown insurrection and the complete upending of American democracy.

Well, maybe we didn’t actually come that close …

See, according to Democrats, Donald Trump was a threat to our national security and to the future of this country, but not enough of a threat to stop trying to sweep more Donald Trumps into office:

More from Axios:

Democratic groups are buying ads touting some of the most extreme pro-Trump candidates in Republican primaries around the country — meddling in GOP contests to set up more favorable matchups in November.

Why it matters: The risky gambit assumes general-election voters will reject candidates who embrace conspiracy theories or lies about the 2020 election. But it could dramatically backfire by vaulting fringe Republicans into national office.

Not only did Democrats evidently learn absolutely nothing from the 2016 election …

… but they’ve tacitly admitted that their ranting and raving about Donald Trump and far-Right Republicans threatening the very fabric of our democracy was purely politically driven and not based on any sincere concern for the American people’s wellbeing.

GOP extremists and Democrats deserve each other.

And we don’t deserve either of them.

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