The exhibit didn’t last long, but the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture’s exhibit on “whiteness and white culture” also taught whites a lot about themselves. Rugged individualism, an emphasis on the scientific method and the printed word, delayed gratification, rigid time schedules … these are all characteristics of whiteness and are woven into the very fabric of America. It was just this December that USA Today asked if math education is racist, and a lot of experts say it is; things such as having students show their work is a characteristic of whiteness. California endeavored last year to do away with “white supremacy culture” in the mathematics classroom. Does two plus two always equal four? Not necessarily.

We have a lot of respect for The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak, and he’s collected some documents showing “the actual bizarre stuff” schools are teaching about whiteness. We’ve seen a lot of this before, but seeing it again just reinforces the idea that this is really happening, and school districts are dumping thousands into training for their teachers.

Loudon County … what a surprise.

These grifters are simply working from the notion that different races learn things differently, but the American public school system was built on a base of white supremacist thinking; hence the outmoded notions of turning in your homework on time, for example.


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