Over the past several years, PolitiFact has been totally devoted to teasing out the truth and covering themselves in buckets and buckets of glory while doing it. Here’s a quick refresher on some of their most recent achievements:

They’ve worked very, very hard for their sterling reputation, and their damn proud of themselves.

And they will not just sit there and let the haters detract from everything they’ve contributed to the public political discourse, thank you very much:

In her stirring ode to PolitiFact’s stunning bravery (which includes a thinly veiled swipe at Christina Pushaw) Angie Drobnic Holan writes:

The actions of these anti-journalism forces are deeply concerning to everyone who cares about the independent practice of fact-finding. Disparagement of individual journalists has become an occupational hazard for PolitiFact’s staff and among journalists at media organizations around the country.

At PolitiFact, we’ve taken steps to help our journalists weather these unfair attacks with their sanity and dignity intact. We remind them that they have the support of our entire fact-checking organization and of our parent organization the Poynter Institute. We help them take breaks from social media to recharge and regroup. We connect them with peers who have suffered the same attacks and persevered. We take additional steps depending on the severity and specifics of each unique situation.

Our readers regularly tell us that they believe in what we’re doing. They say they appreciate the research we do to understand the reality of what is happening in our country, and that we help them navigate the nuances of consuming news. They tell us fact-checking is critical to a functioning democracy, and they appreciate that at PolitiFact, the truth matters.

These are the ordinary Americans we’re fact-checking for. And no amount of online harassment or intimidation will stop us.

And then everyone clapped.

The missing context is that PolitiFact is absolutely and unequivocally a liberally biased partisan outfit. Maybe Angie left that out because she realized that it’s just understood.


See, now that’s a fact-check.

But what fun would that be?

Is PolitiFact going to pull a Taylor Lorenz and cry on MSNBC, too?

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