Welp, the SCOTUS security bill has officially passed the House and will now make its way to President Pudding Pop’s desk. They likely passed this because they know the Roe ruling is only days (hours) away and our friendly pro-aborts have proven they are very very dangerous.

Take a gander at the Reps who voted no, and yes, they were all Democrats.

You’ll recognize many of them.

Bowman (who claimed we’ll see a Civil War if Republicans take a majority in November), Jayapal, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Tlaib, Waters …

We know, you feel shocked.


There’s a reason for that, champ.

Oh, if some crazy protester comes for a liberal SCOTUS justice it’s all we’ll hear about for days, weeks … Hell, months. They’ll probably make some national holiday to remind us all how awful it was that some crazy MAGA psycho went after a liberal justice.

And these same Democrats will pretend they didn’t vote no but we’ll all have the receipt.



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