Interesting how our betters in DC want the January 6th hearings pushed EVERYWHERE and to EVERYONE but are classifying only the second Afghanistan briefing since Biden screwed the pooch there.

And by interesting we mean, sneaky, corrupt, and dirty AF.

Susan Crabtree wrote an entire thread about how the House Foreign Affairs Committee is having a briefing on Afghanistan in the middle of the circus, aka the January 6th Committee Hearings, and it will be classified.

Take a look:

Gosh, you know, you’d think they’d want Americans to be more informed about the Afghanistan eff-up that cost 13 military members their lives and wounded nearly 100 more. Not to mention the hundreds of Americans and allies Biden stranded there AND OH YEAH, the weapons he handed over to the Taliban.

Because of course they did.

Wait, what? What good is that?

Paying an airline controlled by the Taliban. ARE YOU KIDDING US?!

They know it’s bad.

REAL bad.

And honestly, they’d rather we focus on this ridiculous charade from Liz Cheney than be reminded of the disastrous job Biden did in Afghanistan.

Sanitized and prepared opening statements.

And no Q&A.


Oh man, if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.

And now are classifying the second.




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