It’s not every day we see Don Lemon ask real questions about anyone on the Left or Democrats, let alone President Silver Alert, so you’ll have to excuse us while we check again to see if this was some sort of parody account.

… checking …


That’s him.

And he really did ask Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s stamina for 2024. You can tell how shocked she is as well that he’d ask her such a thing. There is almost a, ‘How DARE you,’ moment from the identity-box checking press secretary.


‘I can’t keep up with him.’

‘Just look at the work he does.’


She does know she works for Joe Biden, right?

Yeah, we’re pretty sure he didn’t buy it either.

Honestly, neither does she.


She’s not.

Just like our Vice President who was picked for her office for similar reasons.



Not even Don Lemon.



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