As President Biden’s approval continues to nosedive, the excuses and finger-pointing from the White House is increasing at a rapid rate. Now that gas prices are at all-time record levels in every state, Biden has added oil company executives to the list of who’s to blame for energy prices (along with Putin, of course).

Now Biden’s demanding answers from Big Oil:

Biden’s letter reminds the oil execs that it’s “a time of war”:

Did you know the United States is at war? That’s certainly what Biden wants everybody to believe (if we’re “at war” it’s against all the problems this administration is making worse by the day).

Just when you thought the Biden White House couldn’t get more desperate and shameless.

The oil executives should respond to Biden’s explanation for why fuel prices are so high by sending him a mirror.

That was a promise Biden made in 2019, and then when he got to the White House as president he killed off the Keystone Pipeline, and this administration certainly doesn’t seem to care about energy independence:

Somebody let Biden know what his “climate czar” said this week:

All Biden’s done in the last few years is take the far left position on getting rid of fossil fuels.

And yet Biden asks “why is this happening?” Pathetic.

This is just another item on the long list of crises caused or made worse by the absolute dumpster fire that is the Biden administration.



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