Yesterday we told you about a report that the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to discipline mounted Border Patrol agents who were accused of whipping migrants at the border. It appears that the main offense of the BP agents in question is not having actually done what they were accused of and wrecking the Democrat narrative, but that doesn’t mean that the DHS won’t be able to find something they allegely did wrong. “Administrative violations” will apparently be alleved, though at this time we’re not sure what that even means.

On “The Five” today, Geraldo Rivera basically defended the Dem/Biden/DHS allegations because the video made it look like that might have happened, and Fox News viewers noticed that even Dana Perino couldn’t take it:

Greg Gutfeld was also baffled by Rivera’s spin.

Here’s how it unfolded. Perino yells to try and get Rivera to understand at around the 3:50 mark:

The “you could understand why people might believe they were whipping migrants” spin from Rivera while knowing that wasn’t the case is the problem with “journalism.” Similar assumptive “reporting” applies to the gun debate and so much more.



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