In July 2021, some genius at the White House got hold of an American Farm Bureau report that claimed an American family’s Fourth of July cookout cost all of 16 cents less than in 2020.

“The Biden economic plan is working”? Biden was rightly mocked on Twitter for that tone-deaf tweet.

Most Americans would settle for last summer’s prices this year. So how’s that Fourth of July cookout bill going, Joe?

Spectator USA:

Now, Independence Day is once again right around the corner, yet this year’s Biden meal calculator is still forthcoming. It seems less likely the White House will hail any kind of cookout savings. Uncooked ground beef prices have jumped 13.8 percent from May 2021 to May 2022, according to the Consumer Price Index released Friday. Porkchops rose 11 percent while ice cream climbed 9.6 percent. Cheese shot up 8.7 percent.

It’s a good thing we got those 16-cent savings last year. It sort of eases the pain we’re feeling this year, right?


The prices of pork and beans, lemonade, and potato chips also rose, though calculating that is a bit harder. Pork and beans could be put into unrelated pork products (up 12.6 percent) or canned vegetables (up 11.7 percent). Lemonade possibly falls into the frozen noncarbonated drinks (5.7 percent), the nonfrozen category (10.9 percent), or the other beverage material category (7.2 percent). Potato chips likely go into the snack category (up 13.6 percent) or other miscellaneous foods (12.6 percent).

Last July 4th, gas was about $3.15 cents a gallon. This year, it’s at $5 a gallon and climbing. Do you think any intrepid White House reporter is going to call attention to that idiotic tweet from last year and ask the president what he thinks about it now?

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The Financial Review did their own calculating about a basket of groceries for a cookout.

Strawberries have almost doubled in price to $US10 for two pints, up from $US5.30. The cheapest bag of eight hamburger buns cost $US3, compared with $US1.66 this time last year. The cost of two pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast had jumped to $US11.98 from $US6.74. A pound of sliced cheese was up to $US4.32 from $US4.05 when the Farm Bureau compiled its analysis.

Of the 12 items, 10 were now more expensive, with the remaining two barely changed.

Some products would have cost even more if the purchaser was not a club member of the supermarket.

Biden’s blame game has taken a bizarre turn. The president has decided to blame Republicans — none of whom voted for his $2 trillion American Rescue Plan that even Democratic experts like Larry Summers believe helped cause our current inflation.

In the end, the president will find the culprit who’s responsible for inflation. He’ll assure us it was Colonel Mustard in the White House library with a noose.

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