Have we finally reached “peak” Tom Nichols?

It sure looks like it.

His latest for The Atlantic is titled, “Leave Joe Biden Alone”:


And, as you might expect, we’ve let Tom down. Again:

My suspicion is that the full weight of our foreign and domestic crises has not broken through the self-absorption and solipsism of not only our political parties but the American public. We are just not capable of understanding that at home, we are inches away from the meltdown of our constitutional system of government, and abroad, we are one errant cruise missile away from a nuclear crisis.

TL;DR summary of this thread: “Biden, by his OWN STANDARD as stated during the 2020 election, is failing”:

Yes, we’re getting major Britney Spears-meme vibes from this one:

Ask and you shall receive!

Meanwhile, back in reality, Biden’s “approval falls in the third straight week, nears record low”:



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