Trouble broke out early Monday morning at the office of state representative Andrew Barkis in Olympia, Washinton. Two suspects were captured on security camera footage approaching the office, smashing out a window with a hammer, and throwing a flaming object into the office. Thankfully, the floor inside of the building was made of masonry and the fire didn’t spread very far, but it was an obvious case of firebombing and arson. While there was no graffiti or other messaging left at the scene identifying a motive, we probably don’t need to work very hard to figure out how and why this happened. Barkis is a vocal pro-life representative, and this is the fifth incident of arson or firebombing that’s been recorded since the leak of the pending Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court. (LifeNews)

An attempted arson and vandalism reported at a pro-life politician’s office early Monday in Washington state adds to growing concerns about violence targeting people who work to protect unborn babies from abortion.

The incident is the fifth arson or attempted arson against pro-life advocates since news broke in May about a leaked draft ruling showing the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Dozens of churches and pro-life organizations also have been targets of vandalism, threats and harassment, and pro-abortion radicals are threatening more violence if the court does overturn Roe this summer.

My Northwest reports pro-life Republican state Rep. Andrew Barkis’s office building was vandalized just after 4 a.m. Monday in Olympia when two masked individuals broke a window with a hammer and threw a lit flare into the building.

The fact that the building didn’t fully burn down or sustain significant damage because of the incompetence of the aspiring arsonists doesn’t lessen the nature of this crime. This was still a deliberate attempt at a firebombing and arson. And it would be shocking indeed to learn that the attackers had some other, totally random motive having nothing to do with the abortion issue and the Supreme Court.

The lack of coverage these attacks have been receiving in the mainstream media speaks volumes. If we were talking about one isolated incident, you could potentially write it off as the actions of a deranged lunatic. But now we’re up to five attacks in as many weeks. There’s an obvious pattern here and you would think that it would be considered newsworthy.

Are we going to see the liberal talking heads in the MSM writing this off as more “peaceful protesting” because the targets are pro-life healthcare providers and politicians? Don’t laugh that off. You probably saw how they lionized the Molotov cocktail lawyers in New York City from the day of the attack until their final guilty plea.

Seriously, is this just the new normal now? When a court decision doesn’t go their way, will the liberals immediately begin recruiting arsonists on the dark web to start burning buildings down? This is all being done to try to influence courts and public opinion. Where are the Democrats’ calls to combat domestic terrorism? We already know the answer to that question because you could barely get any of them to condemn all of the arson and looting during the BLM riots. Why would they start condemning this new trend if the firebombings are being done “for the right reason?”

If this keeps up, sooner or later someone is going to die or be seriously injured. You can’t keep setting buildings on fire without eventually torching one that has someone inside who may wind up trapped and unable to reach an exit. That will offer a stark vision of the difference between pro-life and pro-death.

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