Cancel culture comes for all, even if you’re an atheist.

This thread from a Tweep who originally formed his account to talk about mouse breeding (who knew it’s a thing?) is an excellent must-read, especially when talking about cancel culture. Sounds like someone has been stalking his tweets to turn over to his university because they sound like Trump.

And they think THEY’RE the good guys.

Take a gander:

‘Sound like Trump.’

We looked through his tweets and yeah, we’re not seeing it but no one ever accused cancel-culture enthusiasts of being the brightest crayons in the box.

Scary stuff.


That’s EXACTLY what and who these people are.

The Nazis are worried about Nazis … ironic, ain’t it?

Public figure?

Well, alrighty.




But THAT’S ok because they are talking about ‘bad people’ when they talk about those horrific things.

Crazy how even the accounts not focused on politics somehow magically get sucked into anyway.

Well done indeed.



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