With gas prices and inflation at historic highs, I’m sure we’re all grateful that Joe Biden took the time this week to sign an executive order pandering to the LGBTQ community. Priorities!

But have you ever wondered if Joe Biden even understands all the LGBTQ/Pride stuff that he painfully repeats off his teleprompter, or is he just reading the script his handlers give him?

I ask because during the White House Pride event on Wednesday, Joe Biden botched the acronym for the community he pretends to be the world’s greatest advocate for.

I suppose, in fairness to Biden, the acronym has a tendency to change minute to minute. A quick search online suggests that LGBTQIAPK and LGBTQQIP2SAA are commonly accepted complete versions of the acronym. Don’t ask me what they mean, I don’t know or even care, frankly. But, let’s face it, even if either of these were put on his teleprompter, do you think Biden would get them right?

Me neither.

But, while we can’t expect Biden to get letters right, you would think he’d know some of the basics. Like what the L stands for. Or not.

At least he corrected himself, but there’s just something telling about the pedestrian way he reads the list—like he really doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

Which would be par for the course with every other issue.

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