The Washington Post has a report today which contains in part a reality check for the Dems (and much of the media): The House’s January 6th Commission hearings aren’t going to reverse the Republicans’ “electoral trajectory” heading into the November midterms. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a loyal viewership of the televised hearings on the Left, and today there was a great disturbance in the liberal force when NBC bailed out of the 1/6 hearing in favor of golf:

NBC is apparently “choosing golf over democracy”:

They could always flip over to Fox News!

We’d bet on this being the case:

LOL. No kidding.



CNN’s John Harwood praises January 6 committee hearings as ‘not in the slightest bit ‘partisan”

Let. Them. FIGHT: Lefties rage at MSNBC for allowing ‘not LEFTY enough’ Andrea Mitchell to cover Jan 6th Committee Hearings and BAHAHA

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