Pro-abort protesters marching for ‘my body my choice’ had a difficult question to answer while they were marching. The people who believe in absolute bodily autonomy only believe in it when it’s an issue they support, like abortion. But a vaccine mandate is apparently AOK.

Some of them knew their answers were absolutely ridiculous and tried to get out of it.

Watch this.

You should have bodily autonomy unless there is a vaccine involved. Or something.

Equality for all, except for you evil people who don’t want to inject yourselves with the COVID-19. NO autonomy for you!

Something like that.

Our favorite is the woman at the end who just giggles nervously and says she doesn’t want to do this.


Because she knows she can’t answer the question without making herself look irretrievably stupid and hypocritical.

It does seem like they all have a set of talking points, right?

That or they are all just that indoctrinated.

Could be both.



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