As we told you yesterday, the January 6 Committee released a video showing a man allegedly on a tour led by George GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk, where he “photographed/recorded areas not typically of interest to tourists: hallways, staircases and security checkpoints.”

ICYMI, here’s that video again:

Later on in the day, Rep. Loudermilk said the man was taking a photo of a “golden eagle sconce” on the wall:

And here’s the sconce. Pretty cool, right? Like, it IS something you’d take a photo of if you’re touring the Capitol:

As for the filming of checkpoints and other areas of the Capitol, here’s some video the committee DID NOT release. This guy, like any normal tourist would, was filming EVERYTHING:

Unbelievable. Why should we trust a single thing released by the committee? Think about it, a group made up of congressmen and their staffers didn’t bother to even check what might be in that stairwell before smearing an American citizen:

And journos went along with it.

If Jake Sherman is so “well acquainted” with this stairwell, why didn’t he mention the golden eagle? Instead he says, “nothing remarkable in that staircase in any way”:

Journos, you’ve wrecked your own industry.



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