Biden can’t get out of Biden’s way.

Womp womp wooooomp.

From WaPo:

Senior White House aides have in recent days explored new ideas for responding to high gas prices and looked again at some that they had previously discarded, desperate to show that the administration is trying to address voter frustration about rising costs at the pump.

Biden officials are taking a second look at whether the federal government could send rebate cards out to millions of American drivers to help them pay at gas stations — an idea they examined months ago before ruling it out. Aides had found that shortages in the U.S. chip industry would make it hard to produce enough rebate cards, two people familiar with the matter said. White House officials also fear there would be no way to prevent consumers from using them for purchases other than gasoline, according to another person familiar with the discussions. Even if the administration embraces the proposal, it would probably require congressional approval and face long odds among lawmakers wary of spending more money.

Another crisis they created got in the way – not enough chips.

They didn’t ok it because they couldn’t ok it.


That seems like the easiest thing to do, but then they can’t make sure only THEIR voters are benefitting from THEIR actions. This is about the midterms, not about actually helping people.

Could be the Democrat’s 2022 slogan.

And they can’t even get THAT done.

Sad but absolutely true.



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