Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) ripped into President Joe Biden over record-high gas prices, which the administration first blamed on supply disruptions from the COVID pandemic, then Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and, most recently, oil refineries in the United States.

Not only does the president not have any “proactive solutions” for skyrocketing gas prices, but his policies are the “cause of a lot of it,” DeSantis said on “Fox & Friends.”

“Joe Biden came into office and declared war on American energy. We were energy independent for the first time in my life. When he came into office, he had sweeping executive orders to try to kneecap American energy production,” DeSantis began.

“This is a global market, it’s not just the U.S., but [Biden] has made it way worse here in this country,” he continued. “They will not reverse course. This is just a religion for them to be attacking energy production in the United States, and people are paying at the pump like never before. It’s hammering blue-collar people, working people because … it impacts everything in the economy.”

“There’s also the fact that they printed trillions of dollars that we didn’t have,” DeSantis added. “Those two factors have created a really a hellish scenario and now we’re on the precipice of — if we’re not already in — a formal recession. Maybe that won’t happen, but I think everyone’s looking at it and saying, ‘under Biden, with his policies, he’s going to plunge this country into a recession.”

On a recent episode of “The Rubin Report,” BlazeTV host Dave Rubin predicted that DeSantis’ “political sanity and rationality” would be a “gold mine” for conservatives in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Republicans [could] really turn this thing around, and that’s why I’m feeling good about the world right now,” Dave said. “Opportunity is right in front of us, but we have to grab it.”

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