Ever since President Biden took office, his administration, with support from most Democrats in Congress, has insisted on constantly doubling down on the same policies and initiatives that keep driving down their approval ratings. Even some CNN analysts can’t figure out why the Democrats are insisting on committing political suicide, and Van Jones is among them:


Factor in Biden and the Dems insisting on focusing on “clean energy” and telling Americans to just buy electric cars because they can’t afford record-high gas prices amid rising inflation and the Left couldn’t be more out of touch if they tried (maybe they are trying).

Nope, the Dems will definitely not heed Jones’ warnings.

The Left has drifted so far into leftist wacko-land that Van Jones now sounds like the voice of reason.



CNN’s Van Jones says many Dems want the WH to be honest when it comes to Biden’s cognitive state

CNN’s Van Jones *FINALLY* gets it: ‘Democrats are coming across’ as ‘annoying and offensive and seem out of touch’

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