Look out, Republicans, The View’s Sunny Hostin thinks she knows the dynamic duo who can ‘obliterate’ Trump OR DeSantis in 2024.

Try not to laugh too hard …

Oh, what the Hell, laugh. We did.

And Sunny would know … HA HA HA HA HA HA

From The Washington Times:

“Well, I would vote for them,” Ms. Hostin gushed. “I hope this country is ready for something like that. I think the brain power alone would just obliterate [Donald] Trump or DeathSantis.”

Ms. Hostin suggested there were other good Democratic candidates, especially the “pretty” ones.

“I do think there are plenty of Democrats that have tons of verve and energy. I like Gavin Newsom because he’s really pretty to look at,” she said of the California governor.

She likes Gavin Newsome because he’s pretty to look at.

Super informed opinion there, Sunny.

Aces even.

Gosh, seems the Right is pleased with Sunny’s pick.

And that tells you how stupid her pick really is …

By all means, Democrats, RUN THEM!



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