A Twitter insider has said that some of the Big Tech employees at the social media company are suffering from “Musk derangement syndrome,”
Insider reported (via the New York Post).

What are the details?

According to the report, an unnamed Twitter employee said that some colleagues remain skeptical about Musk’s future plans for the company.

“It seemed like some of my colleagues were experiencing ‘Musk derangement syndrome’ again,” the anonymous engineering employee told the outlet. “I guess it’s the direct opposite of the ‘Musk fanboy syndrome.’ For me, the meeting motivated me and took me back to my north star of doing something well while I’m at Twitter.”

The engineer added that he’s “not worried about” Musk’s “online presence reflecting poorly on Twitter as a company” or impacting the company’s share price.

“If he took Twitter public again after making it private, it would maybe be an issue,” he reasoned. “But so far, I think it’s only benefited him.”

The employee added that some employees were very concerned over Musk’s recent announcement greatly scaling back remote work.

“People are flipping out about those comments. And that makes sense,” he insisted. “Many people don’t live in San Francisco or near another Twitter office. What requires a bigger conversation is what we’re going to do about people who joined the company as remote workers.”

Musk on Thursday told Twitter employees that remote work will only be accepted in cases where those remote employees are “exceptional.”

“If someone can only work remotely and they’re exceptional, it wouldn’t make sense to fire them,” he qualified.

He also announced that he decided to purchase Twitter because he loves the platform and learns a lot from it, adding that the platform is a “great way to get a message out.”

“Some people use their hair to express themselves, I use Twitter,” he added.

He also indicated that layoffs may take place at the tech company, as “right now, costs exceed revenue.”

“That’s not a great situation,” he said. “The company does need to get healthy.”

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