We can’t find it right now, but back when the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill was in the news, we did a post on conservatives arguing both for and against using the term “groomer” to describe those who wanted to teach sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. On April 6, Christina Pushaw posted a collage of headlines showing that the memo had gone out to the mainstream media that groomer was a homophobic slur:

We remember at the time Andrew Sullivan calling out Christopher Rufo over his (and Libs of TikTok’s) use of the term groomer:

On Friday, Rufo kicked the hornets’ nest again by suggesting we start using “trans stripped” in lieu of “drag queen.”

Like this (NSFW) video that Libs of TikTok posted Thursday?

Sullivan and other critics of Rufo are calling him out again:

Here’s The Bulwark’s Cathy Young:

We doubt that “trans strippers” is going to stick the way “groomer” did — and, man, did that hit a nerve. Still, we do need a way to make it clear we’re talking about “kid-friendly” drag shows and British Christmas pantomime.


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