Ten years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the chokehold that trans ideology has on American culture and society. But years of relentless bullying from the leftist trans movement has had a measurable impact, and now you can’t expect to escape trans propaganda — be it at school, in entertainment, or even at Disney.

The mainstream media has been a willing partner in this push to make people think it’s possible to change genders. The second a celebrity comes out as transgender, media outlets universally use new names and pronouns and write puff pieces praising the actor or actress for mutilating their body instead of receiving psychological help for their gender dysphoria or celebrating biological males dominating their female competition in sports.

But it seems possible that cracks are emerging. This week, the New York Times published an article that questioned the pro-transgender narrative — particularly concerning kids. The article even dares to mention the adverse side effects of hormone treatments in young people, including infertility and loss of bone density. It is a far more balanced article than you would expect on the issue from the New York Times, and naturally, radical trans activists aren’t happy about it.

According to Natasha Chart, the Executive Director of the Women’s Liberation Front, trans activists “are losing control of the narrative,” and she told Breitbart that they are “very unhappy with the way that it was written, that there was any questioning of their narrative, and that it wasn’t written according to their guidance.”

Chart also believes that recent reporting on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health bumping up its “recommendation” for hormone “treatments” for kids by two years was helpful because they accurately discussed said effects of hormone treatments and said the quiet part out loud about surgeries.

“It’s been typical for mainstream media outlets to deny that was surgery going on with minors,” Chart explained.

Earlier this week, a study was released linking kids’ access to “gender-affirming care” without parental consent to an increase in youth suicides.

We have a long way to go to reverse the damage that the transgender movement has done. The biggest obstacle in that fight is the censoring of opposing views on the issue. However, if the New York Times is now willing to give some ink to the counter-argument to transgenderism, there may be some hope for the future.

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