Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is another George Soros-backed prosecutor who has upended American justice by undermining the rule of law and showing leniency to dangerous criminals who don’t deserve it. This has resulted in several violent criminals being allowed to roam the streets even after committing a violent crime.

Gascón has more blood on his hands today. Two El Monte, Calif. police officers — Corp. Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana — were gunned down in what El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona said was an “ambush.”

The officers responded to a call that someone was being stabbed at a local motel. When they entered the room, the perpetrator, Justin Flores, opened fire, killing one of the officers immediately. Flores, badly wounded, staggered out into the motel parking lot where he shot and killed the second officer but not before the officer put down Flores.

What makes this case particularly maddening is that Flores should have been in prison serving time for gun possession. It’s a perfect example of the ludicrous notion that we need more gun control when prosecutors won’t enforce the laws already on the books.

Fox 11:

What makes this even more difficult, was the news that the suspect who police later shot and killed, who served time for auto theft and burglary some ten years ago, was on probation from his most recent gun arrests in 2020 instead of in prison because of DA George Gascón‘s policies.

The suspect, Justin Flores, 35, got probation and a deal. A district attorney’s spokesperson said the sentence he received in the firearm case was consistent with case resolutions for this type of offense. Given his criminal history and the nature of the offense.

Olga Garcia, the mother of Officer Joseph Santana, blames Gascón for her son’s death.

“Gascón’s just letting all these criminals out and they just keep doing one crime after the other. And that guy should’ve been in jail, if he wouldn’t have been out, my son and the other officer would still be here,” Garcia told Fox 11.

ABC News:

“I blame the death of my son and his partner on Gascón,” said Olga Garcia, the mother of El Monte Police Officer Joseph Anthony Santana, 31. She spoke through tears at a news conference outside police headquarters. “Gascón will never know how I feel. Gascón will never know how he destroyed our families. He won’t know how [Santana’s] children feel. Crime is so high in California because criminals don’t stay in jail long enough. We need to make criminals responsible for their actions. We need law and order.”

There had been a rumor that the DA was going to pay for the funeral expenses of the cop-killer Flores, but the DA’s office denied it. Many Los Angelenos would not have been surprised.

As far as the recall of Gascón is concerned, the group organizing to get rid of the DA says it has collected enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot.


In a statement, the Recall DA George Gascón campaign announced it has surpassed 566,857 signatures collected as of Tuesday, “which equates to 10% of registered voters” in the county “and is the required threshold to officially initiate a recall.”

“This is the most signatures ever collected in Los Angeles County for any petition,” the group claimed.

Organizers said their focus has now turned to collecting as many additional signatures as possible to ensure there is a necessary “cushion” to offset those that are invalidated by the county registrar of voters. The campaign’s stated goal is to submit 650,000 – 700,000 total signatures or more.

As we saw with the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom, it’s usually a lot easier to get the required number of signatures than it is to effect a recall of a politician. But Gascón thumbs his nose at crime victims, angering many in his jurisdiction.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if voters give him the boot.

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