Canada is still in a state of pandemic observance, requiring face masks for air travel within Canada and flights or trains leaving the country. A United flight attendant on a flight leaving Ottawa was spotted not wearing a face mask and a ‘concerned’ Canadian’s first response was to photograph the unsuspecting attendant from the comfort of his seat and post her face on Twitter. In an effort, not only to publicly shame the flight attendant, but the tweeter also made sure to tag the police and the media.

Once the damage was done, the concerned Canadian actually *gasp* spoke with the offending flight attendant. She was reportedly unaware of the current Canadian requirements. At which point, the tweeter turned his attention to canceling the airline.

The concerned Canadian racked up a ratio’d response to his outrage and fear, and he boldly continued the crusade… right off the rails.

Let no good unhinged rage go unanswered … as if someone in the middle of a righteous rampage is susceptible to responses containing logical advice.

No good mouth-frothing episode is complete without a healthy dose of hypocrisy being exposed.

Hopefully the offending flight attendant’s job is not in danger, but it would be ironic if the incident resulting in her firing.

Thank you tweeters for making it impossible to even attempt to target an individual on social media without the significant push back that such efforts deserve in the form of the almighty ratio.

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