As Rod Serling used to say at the start of many Twilight Zone episodes, “Submitted for your consideration…”

Submitted for your consideration: one Mr. Alden Bunag. A school teacher from Hawaii. A self-described socialist high school teacher who is fighting for a better society, Mr. Bunag also bills himself as an artist, dancer, singer, photographer, and “creative educator.” According to The Post Millennial, our socialist teacher, artist dancer, singer, and photographer in question may soon be able to add “creative license plate maker” to his resume. Mr. Bunag, you see, is currently in police custody in Honolulu.

This past Thursday, Mr. Bunag made what is commonly known as an “initial appearance” in court. His red-carpet judicial review was marked by an admission of having recorded himself having sex with a 13-year-old student and then sharing the recording, along with allegedly around 3,300 images and recordings of child pornography with another teacher in Philadelphia. As to his victim, Mr. Bunag said that he had sex with the child and filmed the encounters during the lunch breaks at school. Yes, you read that right, at the school

What makes Mr. Bunag’s arrest unique among the usual “Creeps of the Week” is that he has been quite outspoken about the objections of those on the right to the sexualization of students. Libs of TikTok located Mr. Bunag’s Twitter account, which included this charming and eloquent tweet:

“You’re f*cking acting like we want to show kids porn or something, but something I’ve learned through the years is that whenever right-wingers accuse others of something, it’s DEFINITELY because they’re projecting.”

Yeah. Projecting. That must be the problem. You can read more of Mr. Bunag’s… um, thoughts on the matter here.

As Shakespeare said: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Yes, I know, Mr. Bunag is currently a man, but someone give me the over/under odds on him deciding to identify as a 12-year-old girl about a week before his trial. Hey, it worked in California. If ever the phrase “Ok, groomer” applied, it would be here.

If one were to truly grasp at the few straws remaining, Mr. Bunag may not have shown children pornography. He did, however, make pornography using children and showed it to a least one other person. I’m no expert, but I believe that puts him somewhere in the negative 100s in the credibility rankings.

I may be taking a shot in the dark, but I suspect Mr. Bunag’s Twitter protestations were designed to do more than throw people off his trail. It has always been a common fallacy in leftist ideology that whatever makes one feel positive/righteous/satiated is by definition good. No matter how twisted one’s behavior may be, as long as conservatives are against it, then leftists seem to be for it. Mr. Bunag may have abused a student and shared the video, but at least he didn’t vote for Trump, for God’s sake! That would be unforgivable!

A second is that if one rails hard and long enough against the patriarchy/system/conservatives and one’s words and thoughts are in line with the accepted narrative, one’s actions are of no consequence. It is the darkest heart of leftist ideology and infects their philosophy at every level.

Another fallacy is that in order to reach that ever-elusive utopia, someone other than they will have to pay the price. That may be through renewable energy, food shortages, or in this case, the sanctity of childhood. In order to make an omelet, one must break a few eggs. But since justice inside the prison walls is swifter than that of the system, I suspect Mr. Bunag’s eggs shall be made into omelets soon enough.

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