As Twitchy reported, the January 6 select committee’s time in the spotlight was kind of a bomb. The hearing, held in prime time on all three broadcast networks, brought in millions fewer viewers than those who watch the evening news every night. The subsequent hearings have been held during the daytime and do have their avid followers on social media, such as the Washinton Post’s Jen Rubin, who called them “terrifying,” “horrifying,” and “stunning.” But the masses just aren’t tuning in.

The Associated Press says how many are watching the hearings isn’t the question. Instead, it’s the “slicing and dicing” of clips that are then shared on social media that contain the “breakout moments.”

The AP reports:

Memorable moments from each hearing are sliced for quick consumption on countless news programs, comedy shows and online, to the point where some have been seen more times later than when they were live.

In many respects, it’s the first congressional hearing in memory that seems specifically designed with modern media needs in mind, said Jeff Jarvis, a City University of New York journalism professor and frequent blogger on the media.

“That has already worked,” he said.

Ah yes, the far-left Jeff Jarvis whose credentials as a journalism professor we keep questioning.

So it’s the “slicing and dicing” of clips that matters? Is that why they hired a TV producer to put together their hearing?


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