Pro-abortion Leftists pulled one of their favorite stunts Saturday and sent a phalanx of politicized teens to deliver their message at the home of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Activists bussed the young women to Washington, D.C. from New York City for the macabre march they dubbed the “Children’s Baby doll Procession. Never mind that many of the girls aren’t old enough to consent to sexual relations in the first place, which suggests there are other problems at play here — that’s not something the “pro-women” organizers seem interested in addressing.

The procession itself was not likely to win over many right-to-lifers. The sight of underage zombie-girls shambling along with fake blood spilling down their inner thighs and dangling babies from their wrists is more shocking than anything the most zealous pro-lifers would attempt. To the casual observer, these girls could just as easily have been championing bloody full-term abortions. It took some digging to figure out what exactly the hysterical lasses were trying to convey.

According to creepy activists Rise up 4 Abortion Rights’ website (please just accept a blanket “sic” for the following quotations), “Amy Coney Barrett during the Supreme Court hearings regarding this case cruelly declared that since all 50 states have Safe Haven laws that the burdens of parenthood discussed in Roe and Casey are obsolete. No need to worry about forced motherhood states Aunt Amy” — fyi, “Aunt Amy” is a Handmaid’s Tale reference, for those of you who had better things to do than read or watch that overwrought extended rape fantasy — “with adoption as the solution (completely absent from her “solution” is any concern for women and girls being pregnant against their will). This callous viciousness, the overt disregard for the lives and humanity of women and girls, makes clear that the future they aim for is one where women and girls are reduced to incubators who should have no issue being forced through pregnancy and birth against their will.  This a future of terror they seek for all women and girls. This is why on Saturday, June 18 girls and young women are bringing baby dolls to the steps of the judges.” Glad they cleared that up!

The special focus of the revolting bloody doll parade was that overturning Roe would, among other things, force teens to carry unwanted pregnancies to term. (Have Leftists still not figured out how pregnancy happens?) 15-year-old Arianna served as the event’s Jeanne d’Arc, allegedly organizing the affair. In a video, Arianna is seen taping participants’ wrists together and covering their mouths with more tape, before she addresses the audience.

“We are here at Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s house today with our arms tied, with our mouths covered, holding dolls, because this is what Amy’s America looks like,” avers the precocious protestor. “Children will be forced to give birth to children.”

Trust me, sweetheart: no one wants you and your friends to give birth to anything.

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“Women will be silenced. Women will be invalidated. Women will be told they are less than. Women will be told they are inferior. And that is not okay,” insists Arianna. “We cannot let that happen. So all of you who say you are pro-choice, get up and say it out loud. Get up, take to the streets, and stay. Because you cannot let this happen to your sisters, to your daughters, to your mothers. You cannot let this future happen to us. It’s not fair.” The lass is a regular Greta Thunberg of Abortion! The video then cuts to footage of the bloodied maidens chanting in front of Justice Barett’s modest brick home.

Young Arianna’s call to “take to the streets and stay” is a reference to a direct action being planned by her mentors at Rise up 4 Abortion Rights. On the group’s homepage is the message, “STOP the Supreme Court from Taking Away Abortion Rights! Come to DC and Stay.” There follows some of the least self-aware copy ever written: “The highest court in the world’s most powerful country stands poised to rip from women their fundamental right to control their bodies, their reproduction, and their destinies.” (Emphasis theirs, believe it or not.)

Other radical groups have also been promising to overwhelm the capital with massive numbers in a not-at-all-insurrectiony action aimed at shutting down Washington, D.C., blockading the Supreme Court so it can’t hand down a ruling that might allow individual states to set their own abortion laws. A decision is expected to be announced as soon as Tuesday.

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