Those brief conversations with reporters on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware are getting a little weird. The president and Jill are having a vacation at their beach house with other family members. Usually, Biden ignores reporters and the questions they shout to him but today he stopped during a walk on the beach and began to answer some questions.

Biden was asked about the very real possibility of a recession. She said that a majority of economists now believe the United States is headed into a recession after last quarter’s negative growth. Biden attacked. He accused her of lying and sounding like a Republican politician. Then he immediately caught himself and said he was just kidding. Really?

She hit a nerve. There he is on the beach having a nice summer outing with family, not a care in the world, and the rest of America is sweating the recession that is about to hit us all in the pocketbook. Biden attacks with personal slams when he is most rattled. To him, saying someone sounds like a Republican politician is about as vicious of a personal attack as there is. President Unity, right?

The really weird thing happened as he continued to speak to reporters. His daughter, Ashley, and one of his granddaughters walked over to the group and started yelling about no more questions. Ashley walked up behind Biden and began to rub his back, a gesture meant to get his attention, I guess, and the granddaughter was at his side. She told Gramps that they were ready to go and Ashley again said no more questions and led her father away. “Alright. Hey, Dad, we’re ready.”

Why does he continue to allow this to happen? Has he become so mentally feeble that he doesn’t realize how this looks to the world? It’s like the Easter Bunny distracting him and taking him away from egg hunt visitors. It’s like when Jill Biden, the co-president, takes his hand or grabs his arm and leads him away. It emasculates him, as though he isn’t capable of taking care of himself. That may be true but the world doesn’t need to see it.

Biden insisted he was talking to Larry Summers Monday morning and though he has tempered his opinions on the economy in recent days, Biden says Summers thinks there is nothing inevitable about a recession.

It may be true that a majority of economists are not predicting that the economy is heading toward a recession.

However, there are some who are.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said at a financial conference earlier this month that there is an “economic hurricane” on the way.

“That hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way… You better brace yourself,” he added.

Meanwhile, former Treasury secretary Larry Summers told CNN that “the unfortunate, painful fact” is that the combination of low unemployment and high inflation makes a recession more likely.

Hmmm. Who are you going to believe – a feeble old man or a former Treasury secretary and the CEO of JPMorgan Chase? The truth is most Americans understand what is about to happen and it ain’t good. Interest rates are already going up. Inflation is at a 40 year high. The real estate bubble is about to burst. No one is fooled by Sleepy Joe’s happy talk. He isn’t able to admit his mass spending and economic policies have brought us to this place. That reporter wasn’t making things up. Biden just didn’t want to hear it.

Another little gem from today was when Joe Biden let the mask slip and admitted that the energy crisis is intentional. It’s all a part of the ‘fundamental’ transition Biden keeps threatening us with. He said, hey, everything turning to crap is a great opportunity to turn to “renewable energy, electric vehicles, and across the board.”

We are truly screwed, my friends, at least in the near term. Biden has accomplished a very long list of failures that have turned into crises in just sixteen short months. Imagine the shape we’ll be in when his term is over. The mid-term elections in November will be a good start in making him a lame duck president. A Republican majority House and hopefully a Republican majority Senate will at least put the brakes on his agenda.

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