The Supreme Court handed down a ruling today that’s a huge — and we mean huge — win for school choice proponents.

More from American Federation for Children National Director of Research Corey DeAngelis:

So, basically, “fund children, not schools.” Children would no longer be prisoners sentenced to attend garbage schools because of where they live.

In a sane world, this news would be celebrated by everyone.

But in the crazy world we live in, CNN is flipping out:

Jeffrey Toobin is especially outraged over this:

Seriously, guys. He’s beside himself:

Jeffrey Toobin should stick to what he’s good at: onanism. Because when it comes to sharp legal analysis, the only thing he covers himself in is embarrassment.

CNN looked the other way after they looked at Jeffrey Toobin pleasuring himself on a Zoom call ostensibly because of his unmatched legal expertise. But clearly they misjudged him, because Jeffrey’s obviously not familiar with even the most basic of constitutional fundamentals.

Then again, CNN’s not all that concerned about what’s actually in the Constitution. Just like they’re not all that concerned with what’s actually happening to real people outside of their cozy little bubble. If there’s one thing elitists gravitate toward, it’s other elitists.

It should tell you everything.

Upper-class twits like Jeffrey Toobin don’t want the poors contaminating their upper-class schools. It’s as simple as that. They’re all “won’t someone please think of the children?” until someone actually does think of the children, and then they’re all NIMBY.



Lib blue-checks, lawyers and journos drag CNN, Brian Stelter and Jeffrey Toobin over this segment on the SCOTUS leak

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