Another day, another top-quality Washington Post column from Max Boot:

Yes. Conservatives have lost the plot. Alrighty then.

Probably. We have to assume he was just better at hiding it before.

Anyway, if he ever held any conservative values for real at all, he abandoned them a long, long time ago. Or at least as soon as Donald Trump was elected to the presidency.

Erielle Davidson called Boot out over his dumb column this morning:

And Boot went on to step in it:

Brace for Maximum Boot:


Donald Trump hasn’t been president since Joe Biden was sworn in. And when he was president, Iran was decidedly less inclined to flex their muscles at us. At some point, Resisters like Max Boot need to move on and start holding Joe Biden responsible for what happens on Joe Biden’s watch.

No one should be taking foreign policy advice from Max Boot. Or domestic policy advice. Or fashion advice. Or any advice.

Maybe they can just share one. Gotta conserve enough space for all the nutters out there!

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