Let’s start with inflation and consumer confidence:

Housing construction never has fully recovered from the financial crisis of 2008-09, though much of this failure to return to trend is likely attributable to regulation. Even though this headline says “increase sharply,” it is nowhere near enough. No wonder prices and rents are soaring:

Here’s one way people are coping with blue state blues—voting with their feet:


Boy, “green” energy sure requires a lot more mining and raw materials:

Coal has plateaued, but is not yet declining:

About those “obscene” oil company profits:

And my own chart on the issue:

• Guns, guns everywhere in the U.S.. That’s why we’re so violent. Like this, see:

Of course, if you look closer, you might find out some things inconvenient for the narrative:

 Young Democrats are the party of intolerance and hate:

And remember how Republicans are supposed to be the “threat to democracy” today? Well this is embarrassing:

And why is Twitter such a cesspool? Look who dominates posts on politics:

Meanwhile, notice how concerned the monolithic media is that you don’t listen exclusively to them, because you just know “major problem” here means “Fox News”:

Meanwhile, the public doesn’t think as highly of our media as our media think of themselves (big surprise):

Memo to journalists—you really stink.

The southern border continues to be out of control:

COVID is over:


And finally. . .

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