The mind-boggling story of Ashley Biden’s diary disappears from the news for months at a time. I have sought to keep it front of mind and do what can be done to advance it. Touching base with Project Veritas yesterday, I came up empty. However, I was reminded of May’s whistleblower installment of the saga that had completely slipped my mind.

All my posts tracking the story are accessible here. I infer that the government is out to get James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. It is a chilling story that we do not want to let recede from sight.

Only last month O’Keefe now presented an FBI “whistleblower” with a leaked document bearing on the O’Keefe Project (video below). PV’s story on the whistleblower is posted here (with bullet points and narrative). These were the main points as formulated by Project Veritas:

• Document reveals the FBI labeled Project Veritas as “news media” and categorized the probe as a “Sensitive Investigative Matter” due to Veritas being journalists. This is a direct contradiction of the U.S. government’s in-court position that Project Veritas is not entitled to treatment as part of the press.

• The whistleblower has several years of experience as an FBI Special Agent and is still on payroll with the Bureau. He approached Project Veritas with the document after seeing what he calls “a number of troubling things that are happening in the FBI.”

• The document also showed the federal investigation was launched into Project Veritas the same day Ashley Biden attorney Roberta Kaplan said, “This is insane. We should send to SDNY” in response to a request for comment on the contents of Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary.

• Additionally, the FBI categorized the investigation into an abandoned diary under Threat Band I, which is usually reserved for “threat issues that are likely to cause the greatest damage to national interests or public safety in the coming year.”

PV’s story reports that at the time of writing the FBI had not yet responded to a request for comment. I would guess they would say they can’t comment on an open investigation (and this one isn’t closing any time soon).

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